Easy ways to


your carbon footprint

& lower

your household bills

A sunlight-reflecting

"cool roof" can lower

a roof's temperature

by up to


Well-placed trees
can save up to


on home energy costs

Proper duct work
improves efficiency
by as much as


Storm windows can
reduce heat loss by

10% to 20%

Installing 4-kilowatt
solar panels can reduce
home's $200 electricity bill
to an estimated

$60 per month

A programmable
that monitors
heat usage
can save about


a year

Check for leaks. A running

toilet can waste about


gallons every day

Plug electronics into a

power strip, then

turn off

the strip when

it's not in use

Don't rinse

dishes before putting

them in the


Select "normal" or


settings on TVs to save

energy used by

brighter settings

Turn off the tap when

brushing teeth or

shaving. That can save

more than


gallons of water

per month

Recycling a single

aluminum can may save

enough energy to watch TV for

2 hours

If one million

people ditched

their commute and

worked from home

instead, 3m tons

of carbon emissions

per year could

be erased

Every ton of

recycled paper saves up to

17 trees

Recycling one glass

container can save enough

    energy to light a

    100-watt bulb for

  4 hours

Idling cars waste fuel, so

don't sit around

Go to a full-service

carwash or clean your

vehicle with a


of soapy water

did you know?

Every one-degree Fahrenheit thermostat dip reduces a heating bill by 1% to 3%

did you know?

The typical family in the US spends $2,200 a year on home utility bills

did you know?

On average, individuals in the US generate more than 4 pounds of waste per day