On cloud wine with Tesco Finest

“Picking and pairing wine isn’t an exact science,” says Kevin Meehan, wine product developer and one of the in-house wine experts at Tesco. “Just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You still have a delicious wine and a delicious meal. Insider tip: we usually recommend a food pairing on the back label of our Tesco Finest wines ... after rigorous research of course.”

Rigorous research is essential work for Meehan and the others on the Tesco wine team (tough gig, right?), who curate the award-winning Tesco Finest wine range. This includes personally blending and approving each own-brand wine and every new vintage, working in collaboration with winemakers around the world.

The aim? “To source the best example of a wine from that place, in that year, that will resonate with customers.” (Given the countless awards the range has won, their work ethic seems to be paying off).

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