A double shot of style

The integrity of a zen-like sanctuary for your coffee ritual depends on the tools of your percolating protocol, which should blend in without clamouring for attention. Nespresso’s recent drive to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2022 with a ramped-up recycling programme alongside the use of 54% recycled plastic in the Vertuo Next model, is what’s making noise right now, while scrutiny given to their immediate environment sees machines and accessories integrating thoughtfully and quietly into a designed space.

Containers made to house the coffee have been conceived to make a feature of the jewel-like domed capsules, the newest example being the elegantly lidded Lume Mia jar, designed by the notable young Italian designer Frederica Biasi, while making the recycling of the aluminium shells all the more attractive is a bin that takes its design cues from the curves and corrugation of the Memphis group.

The Vertuo Next machine itself has a refined modern profile, adaptable to all manner of settings, not least thanks to the variety of colours and finishes it comes in. These also happen to match those of the Aeroccino3 milk frother. While matt black might disappear discreetly into a monochromatic place of retreat, if the designated place for a morning coffee is singing with colour, a red model of the versatile coffee maker and its milk-frothing partner will make the space.