The three conversations: how it works

Conversation 1: initial contact

“How can I connect you to things that will help you get on with your life – based on your assets, strengths and those of your family and neighbourhood? What do you want to do? What can I connect you to?”

Conversation 2: when people are at risk

“What needs to change to make you safe and regain control? How can I help make that happen? What do I have at my disposal, including small amounts of money and using my knowledge of the community, to support you? How can I pull them together in an emergency plan and stay with you to make sure it works?”

Conversation 3: when long-term support is needed

“What is a fair personal budget and what are the sources of funding? What does a good life look like? How can I help you use your resources to support your chosen life? Who do you want to be involved in support planning?”