1. Making a good impression on a customer*

  2. Activities focused on physical fitness, health, nutrition, or sport*

  3. Researching or investigating, gathering information systematically, using IT effectively*

  4. Persuading somebody to accept an idea or an argument*

  5. Coming up with new ideas or approaches*

  6. Spending time outdoors rather than sitting in front of a screen*

  7. Listening, assessing, and responding to people's needs*

  8. Spotting patterns and trends in information or numbers*

  9. Thinking on my feet, improvising under pressure*

  10. Concrete results - seeing tangible results for my efforts*

  11. Building and managing strong relationships*

  12. Applying scientific or technical knowledge, or using numerical information*

  13. Securing a deal, getting the right result in a negotiation*

  14. Communicating a vision, setting goals for others*

  15. Seeing the big picture, inventing a new solution*

  16. Running events or offering support that helps other people learn*

  17. Driving change, relishing new challenges*

  18. Taking responsibility for how other members of a team perform*

  19. Motivating and encouraging people working with me*

  20. Working practically, for example with machinery, construction, animals, gardening*

  21. Building a network of helpful contacts*

  22. Checking and improving systematically, eg quality control*

  23. Working imaginatively with words, images or problems*

  24. Being a coach, mentor or buddy*

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