The hate factory: how it works

Facebook posts are composed by an Israeli administrator from a central location using social media managing software. The content has a short message and a link to generally anti-Islamic content from a small pool of websites controlled by the administrator. The headlines and images of the shared content range from misleading to outright fabrications


Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to countries where Sharia law is practiced

'False' watermarks added by The Guardian

The content is posted to a network of at least 21 far-right Facebook pages in the US, Australia, Israel, Canada, Austria and the UK

• 995k page likes
• 9.74m interactions in last year

Each Facebook post makes money by driving traffic back to ‘articles’ on one of 10 different websites. These articles contain a large number of ads and are a mix of copied and pasted content from other far-right sources, opinion, actual news and fabricated content

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