Court extract
Laura Mireles is a United States citizen with a physical disability who was forcibly thrown to the ground, injured, and arrested by Defendant CBP Agent Riano. The day following Agent Riano’s manhandling of her, she suffered a miscarriage of her pregnancy. Agent Riano’s actions are unjustifiable. During what she thought was a routine stop of the sort endured by border residents every day. Ms. Mireles was respectful to Defendant and cooperative. She did not resist in any way when he stopped her nor interfere as he searched her car. She answered his questions politely and truthfully. At no time did Ms. Mireles behave in a manner that could give rise to suspicion of criminal activity, and no contraband was found in her car. Yet. in an apparent fit of pique. Agent Riano used unnecessary and disproportionate force against Ms. Mireles and arrested her. After being treated by paramedics for her injuries, Ms.Mireles was released from custody without ever being charged with any offense.